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                                                                     Wi-Fi that Works

SkyWeb solutions are custom engineered to fit the individual needs and layout of each property we service. Our systems are professionally installed by our own in-house team of technicians and supported by our engineering and customer service staff. Our maintenance agreement ensures that your system receives regular firmware and software updates, 24-hour monitoring, and a Customer Service call center for guests.


SkyWeb’s Wi-Fi Networks utilize Dual Band radios to create a distributed antenna system throughout the property. The antennas interconnect wirelessly through a point to multi-point network to ensure that each area of your park receives adequate signal eliminating dead spots. Users then connect directly to the network with their devices. SkyWeb custom engineers each solution to fit the needs and layout of the property. The system is easy to deploy and requires minimal cable. 

This application is perfect for properties with turnover or transient guest such as RV Resorts, Campgrounds, Marinas, hotels and other hospitality properties.


At the center of SkyWeb’s Wi-Fi solutions is our advanced SkyShape Technology which is the think engine behind each network we’ve deployed. This technology works continuously making thousands of decisions a second to keep the network traffic moving seamlessly and creating the strongest network connection possible. Our systems can save up to 10x your bandwidth which results in a higher speed network and savings on your monthly bill.


No worries. No hassles. No headaches. SkyWeb’s comprehensive Licensing and Maintenance Agreement is designed to relieve the park of the stresses typically associated with Wi-Fi Networks. SkyWeb handles all aspects of network management including 24-hour monitoring, regular firmware and software updates, and technical support for your guests. It also includes a warranty for the equipment and low-cost deductibles for non-warranty repairs or service. 


SkyWeb offers a comprehensive management portal which handles all aspects of the distribution of service to your guests. Properties can offer the service free to guest or setup package for guest access. Many choose to implement a combination of the two offering a limited free service and premium packages with higher speeds for those who wish to stream videos. Parks can handle the sale of packages internally or utilize our custom pay portal which allows guests to purchase packages 24/7 via a secure payment site. The optional pay portal lets parks take a more hands-free approach to offering Wi-Fi. SkyWeb manages the payment site, offers advanced customer service for guests and issues payouts to the park quarterly.


While some parks may choose to give Wi-Fi service as a free amenity there is the opportunity to use your Wi-Fi solution to generate additional income. Access to Wi-Fi remains the second most sought after amenity in parks across the US. To offset the cost of implementing Wi-Fi many parks charge their guests for access, establishing daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal or yearly packages. The income generated by these packages not only recoups the cost of implementation but then serves as another revenue source. Some parks actually net more monthly in internet generated revenue than they pay monthly for a financed solution. Making the system virtually free.

See attached Income Analysis for possible revenue generation.

Other Solutions


SkyWeb’s LTE Fixed Wireless solution is an alternative to traditional Wi-Fi system and is perfect for properties with permanent or long-term residents such as mobile home communities, apartments, Seasonal RV Resorts, or Condominiums. LTE eliminates the need to trench cable or fiber throughout your property which can be costly and intrusive. It requires fewer distribution points than a traditional campus Wi-Fi solution by utilizing base stations and wireless modems to distribute signal throughout the property. The base stations emit a strong LTE signal allowing fewer stations to transmit service. Users will utilize a modem in each unit which connects wirelessly to the base station to receive signal. Users have the option of hardwiring to the modem or connecting wirelessly using the built in Wi-Fi router. Modems can be rented or purchased by the end users.


SkyWeb offers a variety of Security Camera solutions including Wireless IP based camera options that piggyback on our Wi-Fi Network. This allows properties to place cameras virtually anywhere and eliminates the need to wire cameras back to the source. The solution uses the Wi-Fi network to send the captured video back to the Network Video Recorder (NVR). The NVR has a Remote Monitoring app that can viewed on a tablet, smartphone or laptop. The system is scalable and can include 1 to 128 cameras. There are a number of camera types to choose from including dome, fixed position and Pan-Tilt-Zoom options which allow you to adjust the camera angles live through the mobile app.


SkyWeb partners with the leading providers in the property wide TV solutions industry. We evaluate the individual needs of each park and make product recommendations accordingly. Properties can utilize the existing cabling inside the property or include a new cabling infrastructure inside the bid. SkyWeb provides turnkey installation of the necessary hardware for the TV distribution and coordinates the monthly access fees between the park and the Programming Provider.


Maintenance, Licensing & Warranty Agreement



SkyWeb’s Standard Maintenance & Licensing agreement is a requirement of all SkyWeb customers retaining SkyWeb’s services. The agreement includes:

·       Cloud-based servers and licenses required for the software included in the install.

·       Call Center support for client and staff. (Does not include end user support for guests).

·       Equipment and Software updates for all items included in the install.

·       Low cost deductibles for equipment not covered under the warranty agreement.

·       Onsite Maintenance visits billed at a reasonable rate given travel, time and materials.

In addition to the many services offered above, this agreement secures the Licensing of SkyWeb’s proprietary SkyShape Traffic Optimization Software. This software, valued at $9,595, maintains the property of SkyWeb Networks who provides access to the customer via a software license. This license is included in the monthly maintenance amount and is used in combination with the equipment and hardware installed on premises to provide the services stated within this proposal. Failure to renew the Maintenance & Licensing Agreement will result in the removal of the software from the system. This will directly affect the efficiency of your system.


In consideration for providing the Services and Equipment to the Customer, the “Customer” agrees to pay SkyWeb the fees set forth in the applicable SOW. Payments to SkyWeb shall be made according to the following terms: 50% deposit due on signing and 50% due on completion. SkyWeb shall invoice “Customer” remaining balance upon delivery of equipment, and for work performed and completed.

Undisputed amounts are due within (30) days following “Customer’s” receipt and acceptance of SkyWeb’s invoice.

“Customer” shall be liable for all pre-approved travel and related expenses, to which it has agreed in writing and which are a direct pass-through, with no mark-up on cost incurred by SkyWeb in delivering the Services (“T&E” Expenses”) and which have been listed in the applicable SOW. In addition, any such taxes are determined to be required, they will be added to the amounts payable by “Customer” under this agreement.


SkyWeb stands behind the Equipment and Workmanship provided during its installations. SkyWeb’s Warranty includes one-year warranty on all equipment and workmanship included in the installation which fails or faults as a result of the workmanship or manufacturing of the equipment. Skyweb Networks will incur no liability due to any causes beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to: RF interference, failure of an Internet circuit not provided by Skyweb Networks, lack of access to its equipment at the Customer site, vandalism or tampering with the equipment or settings, network attacks, extended power outages, severe weather issues such tornados, hurricanes, floods, etc., addition or growth of structural interference, non-payment, and non-compliance with the Skyweb Networks Acceptable Use Policy.

Onsite labor is not covered in the maintenance agreement. Issues that require onsite service calls will be billed at a fair market rate of $150/hr. per technician. In addition, client will reimburse SkyWeb up to $100 per night if onsite labor requires overnight lodging. SkyWeb will not be responsible for any pre-existing equipment, cabling, connections, or fittings. In addition, SkyWeb will charge a $500 service call fee for any site visits.



Premium Protection is available to Customer’s who chose to carry extra coverage on their system. The Premium Protection eliminates equipment deductibles associated with the Hardware Support outlines above.  In addition, it includes expedited shipping of replacement equipment.  SkyWeb’s Extended Equipment Coverage offers customers an extended warranty on the equipment included in the proposed system. This may require a small deductible fee for any equipment replacement for items covered under the warranty agreement. Onsite labor is not covered in the maintenance agreement. Issues that require onsite service calls will be billed at a fair market rate of $150/hr. per technician. In addition, client will reimburse SkyWeb up to $100 per night if onsite labor requires overnight lodging. SkyWeb will not be responsible for any pre-existing equipment, cabling, connections, or fittings. In addition, SkyWeb will charge a $500 service call fee for any site visits.


SkyWeb offers Call Center Support to end users within the customers property. This is a US based call center and is available 7 days a week between 8am and 12am EST. Call center staff is available to help end users connect devices or troubleshoot issues with the selected services.


SkyWeb’s optional Pay Portal Program is designed to offer customers the opportunity to charge end users for access to SkyWeb’s services. The program includes a splash page where guests can sign in, sign up or renew services. It also includes the hosting, licensing, and support for the cloud-based program.

SkyWeb charges an Access Fee for the use of the Pay Portal which is based off the net revenue generated by the Pay Portal. This fee covers the hosting, licensing, support, and reporting required by the program. Proceeds from the sale of services will be distributed via check to the customer approximately 45 days after each quarter. If your park is using our proprietary pay portal technology with vouchers in your park, they will be billed at the pay portal rate percentage that is setup for your park. If a rate has not been established and your park is not paying a per lot fee for support, a daily rate of .17 per device for the plan limit will be applied. I.e.: if the plan supports 4 devices, then it will be billed for 4 devices for that plan. All vouchers are non-refundable. SkyWeb Networks offers free annual encryptions, captive portal, and password updates at no charge.

SkyWeb reserves the right to withhold and apply Pay Portal proceeds in the event of a past due balance owed for ongoing service and maintenance outlined in the Maintenance Agreement. Also, SkyWeb reserves the right to host and display relevant advertisements on the splash page, which will be visible to guests. All proceeds generated from these advertisements shall be the sole property of SkyWeb.


SkyWeb employee, agents and subcontractors shall, whenever on “Customer” premise, obey all reasonable instructions and security procedures and any reasonable processes, policies, standards, procedures, and directions issued by the “Customer” and SkyWeb Corporate Policies and Procedures. SkyWeb, its subcontractors, and employees will always respect existing building tenants and will act in a professional manner. SkyWeb agrees to enforce discipline and good order among its employees and subcontractors and any other persons carrying out the services. SkyWeb shall keep the premises free from the accumulations of waste materials caused by the performance of the services. At the completion of the project, all SkyWeb tools, equipment, supplies, surplus materials, and project generated waste shall be removed from the premises by SkyWeb.


SkyWeb reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason via written notice.

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